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19 janvier 1899 - Accord anglo-égyptien sur le Soudan
Whereas certain provinces in the Soudan which were in rebellion against the authority of His Higjness the Khedive have now been reconquered by the joint military and financial efforts of Her Britannic Majesty’s Government and the Government of His Highness the Khedive;
And whereas it has become necessary to decide upon a system for the administration of, and for the making of, laws for, the said reconquered provinces, under which due allowance may be made for the backward and unsettled condition of large portions thereof, and the varying requirements of different localities;
And whereas it is desired to give effect to the claims which have accrued to Her Britanic Majesty’s Government, by right of conquest, to share in the present settlment and future working and development of the said system of administration and legislation,
And whereas it is conceived that for many purposes Wadi Hallfa and Suakin may be most effectively administred in conjonction with the reconquered provinces to which they are respectively adjascant;
Now it is hereby agreed and declared by and between the Undersigned, duly authorized for that purpose as follows :
Art. 1 - The word “Soudan” in this Agreement means akk the territories south od 22nd parallel of latitude which :
1) Have never been evacued by Egyptian troops since the year 1882; or
2) Which, having before the late rebellion in the Soudan been administred by the Government of His Highness the Khedive,were temporarily lost by Egypt,a nd have been reconquered by Her Britannic Majesty’s Governement and the Egyptian Governement acting in concert; or
3) Which may hereafter be reconquered by the two Governement acting in concert.
Art. 2 - The British and the Egyptian flag shall be used together, both on land and water, throughout the Soudan, except in the town of Suakin, in which locality the Egyptian flag alone shall be used.
Art. 3 - The supreme military and civil command in the Soudan shall be vested in one officier, termed the “Givernor-General of the Soudan”. He shall be appointed by Khedivial decree on the recommandation of Her Britannic Majesty’s Governement, and shall be removed only by Khedivial decree, with the consent of Her Majesty’s Governement.
Art. 4 - Laws, and also Orders and Regulations, with the full force of law, for the good, governement of the Soudan, and for regulating the holding, disposal and deveolution of property of every kind therein situate, may from time to time be made, altered, or abrogated by Proclamation of the Governor-General. Such Laws, Orders, and Regulations may apply to the the whole or any named part of the Soudan, and may, either explicitely or by necessary implication, alter or abrogate any existing Law or Régulation.
All such Proclamations shall be forthwith notified to Her Britannic Majesty’s Agent and Consul-General in Cairo, and to the President of the Council of Ministers of His Highness the Khedive.
1rt. 5 - No Egyptian Law, Decree, Ministerial Arrêté, or other enactment hereafter to be made or promulgated, shall apply to the Soudan or any part thereof, save in so far as the same shall be applied by Proclamation of the Governor-General in manner hereinbefore provided.
[Articles VI-XII omited]

Done in Cairo, the 19th January 1899
Boutros Ghali
Référence Brownlie (Ian), pp. 113-114
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