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Hommes et territoires aux XIXe et XXe siècles - Corpus de textes

6 octobre 1875 - Soummission d’Harar à l’Egypte
Praise to be God alone and blessings and peace be upon him after whom there will be no prophet.

I declare [as follow]. I, Muhammad bin ‘Ali, the amir of Harer, in obedience to God and His prophet, and also in obedience to the most honoured, the most illustrious, the glory of Islam and the Muslims, the supporter of the law of the Master of the prophets, the guarantor of victorious armies, Muhammad Ra‘uf Pasha – may God increase his power and fulfill his plans – who is under the mighty lord, the venerable ruler, endowed with conquests which are constantly repeated, and privileges which adorn themselves in the pearlstring of their beauty, the excellent of [our] time, our lord, Khedive Isma‘il, the son of our lord Ibrahim – may the stars of his happiness rise in brightness and the squadrons of his soldiers advance in victory – surrender completely of my own free will and in full possession of all my senses, I and the people under my control and my country, as I have said [before] and even if I had not said so.
I entreat God Almighty to make the authority of the khedive everlasting. My desire is to be under the rule of the khedive so that he may protect myself, my property and my family, and I hope that, as a reward for my friendship, His Highness the khedive will issue a generous firman for me, so that the emirate will belong to me and my offspring after me. This will keep me and my offspring loyal forever. May God help me to fulfill the demands of my benefactor, the great khedive.
I ask you, O pasha, to show this to the great khedive.

Written on Wednesday, the 4th of the month of Ramadan locally [determined], and the 7th of it as computed, in the year 1292.

Seal : Muhammad al-Amir bin ‘Ali al-Amir bin ‘Abd al-Shakur
Amir Muhammad bin ‘Ali bin ‘Abd al-Shakur, amir of Harer
Référence Egypt National Archives, African archives, carton 111 (ex Soudan carton 3), dossier 3/2/1, in Sven Rubenson, «Acta Æthiopica», vol. III, pp. 188-189
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