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29 novembre 2007 - Ethiopian Railway Corporation Etablishment
Concil of Ministers Regulation n° 141/2007

This Regulation is issued by the Council of Ministers pursuant to article 5 of the Definition of Powers and Duties of the executive organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia proclamation n° 471/2005 and article 47(1)(a) of the public enterprises proclamation, n° 25/1992.

1. Short title
This Regulation may be cited as the “Ethiopian Railway Corporation Etablishment Council of Ministers Regulation n° 141/2007”

2. Establishment
1) The Ethiopian Railway Corporation (hereinafter the “Corporation”) is hereby established as a public enterprise.
2) The Corporation shall be governed by the Public Enterprises Proclamation n° 25/1992.

3. Supervising Authority
The Ministry of Transport and Communication shall be the supervising authority of the Corporation.

4. Head Office
The Corporation shall have its head office in Addis Ababa and may have branch offices elsewhere, as may be necessary.

5. Purposes
The purpose for which the Corporation is established are :
1) to build railway infrastructure;
2) to operate cargo railway transport services;
3) to operate passenger railway transport services;
4) to engage in other related activities necessary for the attainment of its purpose.

6. Capital
The authorized capital of the Corporation shall be birr 3,000,000,000 (three billion birr) of which birr 750,000,000 (seven hundred fifty million birr) is paid up in cash and in kind.

7. Liability
The Corporation shall not be liable beyond its total assets.

8. Duration
The Corporation is established for an indefinite period of time.

9. Effective Date
This Regulation shall come into force on the date of publication in the Federal Negarit Gazeta.

Done at Addis Ababa, this 29 day of Novembre, 2007

Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Référence Federal Negarit Gazeta, 29/11/2007
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