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6 décembre 1907 - Frontières entre l’East African britannique et l’Ethiopie
The frontier between British East Africa, Uganda and Ethiopia agreed on between the two governments shall be :
The line which is marked in red in the map annexed to this Treaty in duplicate, which line, starting from the junction of the River Dawa with the River Ganale, follows the thalweg of the River Dawa to Ursulli, and from that point follow the tribal limit between the Gurré and the Borana to Gebel Kuffolé; from Gebel Kuffolé the line passes through the summits of the following hills : Roka, Churré Moyele, Burrolé, El Dimtu, Furroli, Dugga Kakulla, Burrchuma, Afur. From there the line goes to the creek at the south end of Lake Stefanie, thence due west to Lake Rudolf, thence north-west accross Lake Rudolph to the point of the peninsula est of Sanderson Gulf, thence along the west shore of that peninsula to the mouth, or marshes at the mouth of the River Kibish (River Sacchi), thence along the thalweg of this river to latitude 5°25’ north; from there due west to a point 35°15’ longitude east of Greenwich, thence the line follows this degrees of longitude to its intersection with latitude 5°40’ north, and runs from there to the intersection of the 6° north latitude with the 35° of longitude east of Greenwich.
The tribes ocupying either side of the line shall have the right to use the grazing grounds on the other side as in the past, but during their migrations it is understood that they shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the territorial authority. Free acces to the nearest wells is equally accorded to the tribes occupying either side of the line.
Both Governments shall send Commissioners, who shall, in concert, delimit the exact line on the frontier which is above described, and which is marked, pending such delimitation, with a red line upon the accompahnying map.
While they are rhere they shall settle the frontier of the Borana with the Gurré in concert with the heads of those tribes and in accordance with their customs.
The above treaty is written in duplicate, one copy being held in the hands of the British Government and the other copy being in the hand of the Ethiopian Government.

Signé : T.B. Holher, His Bratannic Majesty’s Chargé d’Affaires
Addis Abeba, 6th December, 1906
Référence Herslett, «Map of Africa by Treaty»
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