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16 novembre 1841 - Traité d’amitié et de commerce entre la Grande-Bretagne et le Shewa
Treaty of Amity and commerce made and concluded between his Majesty Sahela Selassie, King of Shoa, Efat and the Galla, on the one part, and Captain William Cornwallis Harris, under the authority of his excellency the Governor of Bombay, in the name and on the behalf of Her Most Gracious Majesty Victoria, Queen of Gret Britain, Ireland and India, on the other part.

Whereas commerce is a source of great wealt and propsperity to all these nations wha are firmly anited by the bonds of reciprocal friendship and whereas the conclusion of Treaty of perpetual Amity and Commerce betwiset Shoa and Gear Brittain which has already been desired by their respective Sovereigns would tend to the mutual advantage of both nations, and whereaes tokens of Amity and Good will have been mutually exchanged betweenHis Majesty of Shoa and Her Britannic Majesty, and whereas it is desirable that the articles and conditions should be specified where upon the desired commercial intercourse betwiset the two nations should be concluded, now it is hereby declared, done and granted as follows :
I - That a firm free and lasting friendship whall subsist between His Majesty Sahela Selassie King of Shoa, Ifat and the Galla and his lineal successors and Her Britannic Majesty Victoria Queen of Great-Britain, Ireland and India and her lineal successors.
II - That for the purpose of preserving and maintaining the friendly relations subsisting between the two nations His Majesty of Shoa and His lineal successors shall receive and cherich any Ambassador or Envoy, when Her Britanic Majesty or Her lineal successors may see fit to appoint and shall preserve inviolate all his peculiar rights and privileges.
III - That for the like purpose Her Britannic Majesty and Her lineal successors shall in the same manneer receive and cherish any Ambassador or Envoy whom His Majesty of Shoa and His lineal successors may see fit to appoint, and shall equally preserve inviolate all his peculiar rights and privileges.
IV - That under the following conditions a Commercial intercourse be allowed and encouraged between the subjects of Shoa and the coutries bayond that Kingdom and the subjects of Great-Britain.
V - That an import duty of five per cent and no more shall be levied and received by by His Majesty of Shoa and His lineal Successors upon all British goods and merchandise imported into the Kingdom whether for sale there in or in the countries beyond.
VI - That this import duty of five per cent shall be assessed upon the current value of the merchandise at the market place of Alia Amba and shall be paid either in kind or in specie at the option of the merchant.
VII - That the said import duty having been first duty discharged, the merchant shall be at full liberty either to dispose of his goods within the territories of Shoa, without prohibition to the buyer or to convoy them elsewhere restriction or molestation.
VIII - That the British merchant shall be at liberty to purchase within the territories of Shoa all such commodities as they may think proper, whether the produce of those territories or imported from the countries beyond them and export the same without the payment of any duty whatsoever.
IX - That the goods and merchandise of all subjects of Shoa, who may visit Great Britain, shall in like manner be liable to nno greater duties than are already levied or may hereafter be levied upon the immediate subject of Great Britain.
X - That in view to the augmentation and promotion of Commerce between Shoa and Geat Britain, His Majesty of Shoa and His lineal successors will encourage all merchants to bring the produce of the interior of Africa through the Dominions of Shoa, and especially such articles as are best suited for the British Market.
XI - That with a ike view Her Britannic Majestyand Her lineal successors will encourage British merchants to import into Shoa such articles, as will prove most acceptable within the same.
XII - That fot the better security of merchants and their properties His Majesty of Shoa and His lineal successors on the one part and Her Britannic Majesty and Her lineal successors on the other part will respectively to the utmost of their power endeavor to keep open and secure the Avenues of approach bitwistthe Sea Coast and Abyssinia.
XIII - That with a view to the promotionand encouragement of reciprocal intercourse between the respective subjects of the two nations no hinderance or obstruction be offered to British travellers wheter residing withinthe terrotiries of Shoa or visiting the interior countries beyond.
XIV - That the effexts of such travellers not intended for sale shall be liable to no duty of any sort, and shall in every respect be held personnal and inviolable.
XV - That in like manner no subjetcr of Shoa shall meet with any hinderance or obstructio whilst residing in any part of the Dominions of Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, nor shall he be prevented from proceeding beyond them at pleasure.
XVI - And lastly that a strict reciprocal observance of all the foregoing articles and conditions shall be regarded as a proof of the continued desire of the part of both the Contracting Sovereigns for a lasting and permanent Friendship.
Made and concluded at Angellallah, the capital of the kingdom of Shoa on the tenth day of the month hedar, one thousand night hunderd and thirty four year of the Abyssinian Aeran corresponding with the sixteenth day of Novembre, in the Year of Our Lord one thousand nigth hunderd and forty one, being the twenty ninth of the Reign of His Majesty Sahela Selassie and the fifth of Her Majesty the Queen Voctoria.

In witness whereof We have here urteset our hands and seals
Référence Acta Æthiopica 1, p. 58
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